Aluminium Kit Boats

Aluminum CNC Plate Boat Kits. Our designs are proven hull forms that work in all sea conditions.
All kits are supplied with detailed instructions, all parts are individually numbered, all folding completed and extrusion included. Support until you complete the project.

Buy a Kit and join us in the factory for unlimited welding practice and training before you start.

Aluminum Trailers

Aluminum Trailers that last. Complete or in kit form our trailers are commercial quality and are designed for heavy use. Each kit is manufactured to suit your needs. All trailers come with a VIN. NSW MD 080242 

I will finish the boat kit "I guarantee it"

You want to build a kit boat, but your important person is not sure you will get it done? Ask about our "I guarantee it" offer. At any stage of the build call us, the team of professional boat builders from Seatamer Marine will come and collect what you have and then return to you a finished boat. We will quote you an up front price when you purchase the kit.


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