Our Range of Aluminium Kit Boats for you to build

Why an Aluminium plate boat?

There are 5 key reasons we think you might want an all Australian - hand made plate Alu boat over a production built boat. 

  1. Customisation - customise the boat to your needs,
  2. Good Value -  we think you get more boat for your money.
  3. Strength - are typically stronger using 3, 4, 5 & 6mm 5083 Aluminium plate.
  4. Functional - designed to be functional for you, not for the mass market.
  5. Survey - boats can easily be placed into Survey.

The range of kit boats available far exceeds the range of production boats; i.e. sizes, variations, barges etc. 

Design Standards

Design and construction standards are different depending on the vessels Commercial or Recreational use. Boats offered are designed to the highest standard available. 
AMSA - Australian Survey
AS 1799-1:2009 - Design (recreation)
ISO 12215-5:2019 - Construction
ISO 12217-:2015 - Stability


5M Boats

6M Boats

7M Boats

What you get with your kit?

Each kit is supplied on pallet with all the shapes cut. You will need to remove each part from the sheet and linish ready for welding. All parts are marked for easy assembly. All folding is complete. We also supply all the extrusion in lengths or cut and prepared depending on the final design of your kit. 

Detailed assembly instructions. There is nothing worse than staring at the page and still not knowing. Our assembly instructions are very simple to follow, written in plan language for the hobbyist. 

Options: Optional extras we can supply buoyancy foam and other components on request. 


"the team at Turtle Marine could not have been more helpful. They would always help me get back on track with extra training and support" Shane, Sun Valley NSW 

Boat Building

Need someone to to build your boat or finish your project ? See our friends at Seatamer Marine. With more than 25 years of experience building aluminium boats you are in safe hands. 


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