6.1M Rampage by Seatamer

Seatamer Marine


Designed to be towed, this vessel can be configured to;

  • serious blue water game fishing,
  • family day boat 
  • Commercial vessel in Survey. 

Specifications: Beam 2.5m, 5mm Bottom, 4mm Sides, 3mm Cabin, Towing Weight from 1400 kgs, Draws 370mm, Internal Free Board 650 - 700 mm, Fuel capacity 200 liters, Maximum horsepower 150 hp

Flat Pack Marine Kit - $15,250+GST


Length: 4800-5000mm available in two sizes
Dry weight: 750kg
Max HP:150
Fuel: 200L
PAX: 6
Construction: 5mm Bottom, 4mm Sides, 3mm Cabin
Build time: Approx 15 days*

Designer: Seatamer Marine

Whats in the box:

Marine Kits includes ALL of the vessel’s structure aluminium and very comprehensive drawing set to make building simple. Kits are ex Newcastle, NSW. 

A welded hull or completed boat is available from Seatamer Marine

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