6.4 - 7m Eliminator by Seatamer

Seatamer Marine


Larger than our Rampage Series with an over size cockpit. This vessel can be configured to;

  • Serious blue water game fishing,
  • Family Island Hopper 
  • Commercial vessel in Survey. 

The roomy V nose bunks enable you to fit a W.C under the bunk for extend trips.
Cabin configuration and layouts can be totally customized with options including; cuddy, half cabins,  hardtop with glass front screens, walk around or Boston whaler. For the pro you can create more cockpit area by moving the cabin forward to maximize space for traps, trap tipper and slurry tanks. 

Specifications: Beam 2.5m, 5mm Bottom, 4mm Sides, 3mm Cabin, Towing Weight from 1400 kgs, Draws 370mm, Internal Free Board 650 - 700 mm, Fuel capacity 200 liters, Maximum horsepower 150 hp

Flat Pack Marine Kit - $POA

Length: 6400-7000mm available in 100mm increments
Dry weight: 140kg
Max HP:225
Fuel: 200L+
PAX: 6
Construction: 5mm Bottom, 4mm Sides, 3mm Cabin
Build time: Approx 20 days*

Designer: Seatamer Marine

Whats in the box:

Marine Kits includes ALL of the vessel’s structure aluminium and very comprehensive drawing set to make building simple. Kits are ex Newcastle, NSW. 

A welded hull or completed boat is available from Seatamer Marine

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