7 - 14m SeaCat by Seatamer

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Due to the unique nature of these vessels, we work with the team at Seatamer to help you design the boat you want and then have it cut for you.

All Seatamer 7.0 Meter + vessels are custom built to our customers requirements, even houseboats. Vessels are built to meet Universal Shipping Law code if required. These vessels are mostly purchased by professionals such as NSW Maritime Authority, Volunteer Rescue, Australian Coast Guard, Charter boat operators, Professional Fisherman and other government agencies.

Structure of vessel comprises of bulk heads fully ribbed longitudinal frames and transverse frames out of 5mm and 6mm plate. Heavy duty keel bar is manufactured using 100mmx 12m plate. 

Beam: ranges from 2.8 to 4mtrs depending of length of boat
Length: ranges from 7mtrs - 24 mtrs
Side Plating: 4mm or 5mm
Bottom Plating: ranges from 4mm to 6mm
Super structure: 3mm - 6mm
Max Horsepower: depending size of vessel
Fuel capacity: depending size of vessel
Vessels can be customised with stern drives, shaft drives or outboards depending size of vessel

Flat Pack Marine Kit - $POA includes GST (not payable on export products)

Designer: Seatamer Marine

Whats in the box:

Marine Kits includes ALL of the vessel’s structure aluminium and very comprehensive drawing set to make building simple. Kits are ex Newcastle, NSW. 

A welded hull or completed boat is available from Seatamer Marine

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