Aluminium Trailers

We supply commercial quality trailers that are designed to be used on commercial vessels 200+ days per year. Our trailers are not cheap, we use the the best quality material and running gear to create a quality Australian made trailer that will last as long as your boat.  

Available in a range of sizes and styles to suit any boat or storage space. 

Big Boats

Big Boats


ATM kg 1500kg
Tare kg280kg
Load kg 1220kg
Axles45mm x 1
BreaksGal Disc
Rim14" Ford


ATM kg 2000kg
Tare kg580kg
Load kg 1420kg
Axles45mm x 2
BreaksGal Disc
Rim14" Ford


ATM kg 3000kg
Tare kg520kg
Load kg 2480kg
Axles45mm x 2
BreaksGal Disc
Rim14" Ford


ATM kg 4000kg
Tare kg680kg
Load kg 3320kg
Axles50mm X 2
BreaksGal Disc
Rim15" 6 stud


ATM kg 4500kg
Tare kg720kg
Load kg 3780kg
Axles45mm x 3
BreaksGal Disc
Rim14" Ford


What are options? Dont you want everything as standard? Each trailer is built to your needs. This is the same if you buy the trailer complete or in a kit. 

Options include: upgrades to breaks, winches, walk planks or infills, leveling and storage stands, ladders, extra hubs what every you want. 

Supplied with a VIN

All trailers are supplied with a VIN ready for registration. To get your trailer registered, you will need to;

  • assemble your trailer
  • get a weigh bridge ticket
  • get a blue slip
  • complete the registration application
  • pay the registration fee

Assembled and Registered

We can supply trailers complete and registered if that makes life easy. 

Aluminium Trailer Flat Pack Kits

Just like our boat kits, the aluminium trailer kits can be assembled by you to save you money and allow you to customise the trailer to suit your self. 

FAQ - yes we can ship anywhere at your cost. The pallets are 6m long and equal the tare weight of the trailer. This typically costs more than most people want to pay so we don't organize transport. 


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